Chateau Heartiste

Hanna Rosin (man, this broad gets around on the back of stealing my ideas) has a couple of cute, girly charts in this article, showing that breadwinner women still do most of the housework. This is supposed to be evidence confirming feminist beliefs that men are slackers and women are “trying to do it all”.

Another load of rancid menstrual flow. The reason women do more housework is because women can’t tolerate messy homes as well as men can. Women want and require cleaner homes than do men. If you want something more than another person wants that thing, you will put more effort into getting it. And if you aren’t a whiny baby about it, like feminists apparently are, you’ll take responsibility for your more stringent demands and do it yourself. You won’t bitch and moan about people who aren’t doing the work for a goal you think…

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